Emergency Orthodontist in Meridian, ID

It might surprise you to discover that orthodontic emergencies occur, and often require immediate attention from an orthodontist. At Orthodontics at BridgeTower, our incredible team does our best to prepare our patients for the unexpected, but sometimes it can still catch them off-guard. Broken appliances can cause intense pain, but you do not have to suffer! Give our office a call right away so we can fit you into our schedule. Even if you plan to see the orthodontist in the coming days or weeks, it is important to resolve an orthodontic emergency when it happens. 

Thankfully, patients can take steps at home to address or alleviate orthodontic emergencies until they can visit the office. Additionally, while you can alleviate pain, broken appliances will still require prompt repair to avoid treatment interruption.

Below are some videos of common orthodontic emergencies.


Lost Separator

It is very common to lose a separator at some point during treatment. Simply contact our office so we can arrange a replacement.

Soreness, Pain, or Discomfort

it is normal to feel discomfort or some soreness after placement of an orthodontic appliance, or even after an adjustment. While you should never feel severe pain, there are things you can do at home to help the soreness subside. Taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen can help ease the pain as you adjust to your new orthodontic appliance or braces. You can also gargle with warm salt water and apply a warm compress to the outside of your mouth. 

Wire Irritations or Loose Wires

Wire is pokey, and even with modern orthodontic advancements, these can still cause irritation. Before an orthodontist can adjust these wires, consider moving the wire away from the irritated area using a cotton swab or trimming the wire ends with disinfected nail clippers or scissors. Cover the wire with cotton or a small piece of wax. 

Loose Bracket

Call the orthodontist at Orthodontics at BridgeTower right away if you have a loose bracket as this will need to be adjusted and re-fitted. Loose brackets can hinder your treatment, so it is important to get in for an appointment as soon as you can. If the bracket is causing a lot of irritation or is very loose, you can clip the wire and slide the bracket off. Just be sure to use sterilized scissors or nail clippers. 

Headgear Doesn’t Fit

Another common discomfort is from headgear. This orthodontic appliance typically causes irritation when a patient has not gotten used to it or has not worn it long enough. It is important to communicate with the orthodontist if you are feeling a lot of discomfort, but be sure to listen to the instructions you were given as far as how long to wear the headgear each day. If the face bow is bent, please call our office for an appointment. Do not try to adjust it yourself.

Schedule Your Emergency Orthodontic Appointment

While there is a lot you can do at home to help ease discomfort from orthodontic appliances, we encourage all of our patients to communicate with the orthodontist. At Orthodontics at BridgeTower, our goal is to give you the best in orthodontic care, and that means providing comfortable and successful treatment and solutions for your teeth! Schedule an appointment today if you have a broken orthodontic appliance or have been feeling pain. 

We are delighted to provide you the compassionate, personalized care you can expect at each visit. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!