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As a trusted children’s orthodontist in Meridian, Idaho, Orthodontics at Bridgetower is dedicated to providing exceptional orthodontic care to children and teens. By the time a child reaches age 7, they may already need orthodontic intervention. While it seems young, intervening even while your child has most of their baby teeth can help prevent severe problems later on.

Early Orthodontic Intervention

Orthodontic technology has come a long way in recent years. With the latest in digital and 3D imaging, orthodontists and dentists can work together to determine dental issues even before permanent teeth have erupted. Referred to as Phase I orthodontics, this early diagnostic treatment can prevent issues by addressing misalignment, improper bites, or spacing problems at the very start.

During your child’s first appointment, the team at Orthodontics at Bridgetower will do an exam and take detailed images to determine if any problems need to be addressed. These can include crowding, improper bites (such as crossbite), gummy smiles, and spacing caused by early tooth loss. The best part about Phase I orthodontic treatment is that it can help prevent issues or include modifying current treatment protocols. Orthodontists use a few different orthodontic appliances to help guide teeth into their proper positions, keep spacing open for adult teeth, and direct jawbone growth.

Many children as young as age 7 will benefit from early orthodontic treatment and Phase I orthodontics in Meridian, ID. Schedule a consultation at Orthodontics at Bridgetower today.

Orthodontics for Teens

Phase II orthodontics typically begins once a child has lost all or most of their baby teeth and has a majority of their adult teeth. This second step in progressive orthodontic care will involve the use of traditional braces – unless the orthodontist feels that another treatment would be better. Braces are used to align the teeth and direct the jaw into the proper position for the best possible comfort.

Most dental issues can be seen by the age of 12, when the average child/pre-teen has most of their permanent teeth. Once the adult teeth have erupted, it is very unlikely that they will continue to move into proper placement, which is why orthodontic intervention for teens is critical. Not only will it give your teen a boost in their confidence, but correcting dental issues will help improve their speech and overall ability to eat.

Higher Success with Pediatric Orthodontics

Roughly 80% of American teens will have braces before they turn 19. Because of the rapid growth that pre-teens and teenagers experience, orthodontists can take advantage of their growth and fast metabolisms to encourage proper bite and shape the teeth correctly. By waiting until adulthood for orthodontic intervention, treatment can become a lot harder and longer. Adults typically need more invasive dental procedures that not only cause more discomfort but can become a lot more costly. The best time for orthodontics is now.

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